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Why I Came Back To Coaching

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I have been a coach my whole career... but in June of 2021 I left my stable state job, that I loved, without any plan for what I'd do for work next.

I gave myself a gap period, or as I prefer - a transition period - to courageously lean into trusting my intuition to guide me forward.

Time travel to August 2021...

the cataclysmic event that sparked my most recent life Dharma crisis...

and how I found my way back to coaching with a new why, what, and how for the work I do.

After just 3 months of travel, adventure, fun, joy, and freedom after quitting my job to travel full-time as a #vanlifer (don't get it twisted, there was stress, fear, anger, sadness in there too) I had a life changing experience in British Columbia, Canada. At the Fairy Creek blockades to protect old growth cedar trees from being logged on Pacheedaht First Nations territory at Ada'itsx to be exact.

*(listen to my raw, unedited YouTube vlogs that have poor audio but my authentic expressions of where I was shortly after that experience if you are interested. FYI it was an intense time and a first hand view for me at the police state in action abusing their power to uphold, among other things, capitalism and white supremacy.)

This experience initiated a fresh Dharma life crisis for me...

I'm enjoying freedom and fun, but I'm actually feeling hollow without community and a sense of service, I realized for myself.

How can I serve and make a difference?

How can I help in this environmental way?

I even started doubting myself...

All I know how to do is help people with what they want to do...

I mean I know that makes a difference and is very fulfilling but how can I help me intentionally and explicitly to this situation, I thought to myself.

Long story short, one main thing that stuck with me from my Fairy Creek blockade experience, was the First Nation's elders, who were leading this activism, emphasizing the importance of relations. Pacheedaht elder Bill Jones, Saanich elder Chiyokten, and Haida nation female leader known as "Williams" demonstrated the most courageous and compassionate leadership I have ever witnessed.

Our relations to earth, and also our relations to self.

And that how we treat the earth, and others, is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

This wasn't my first time hearing or contemplating this, but it stuck with me more than ever.

Fast forward through my life Dharma crisis...

I realized part of my gift is to relate to others, and help them relate to themselves as a coach.

And I felt passion inside my body in that moment about wanting to help individuals relate to themselves, their higher power, their feelings, their thoughts, their Dharma, their service, their gifts, their joys, their purpose, and to live that through loving expression on purpose.

And that this relationship with all of these aspects, not just an awareness, but a real relationship of knowing and engaging and honoring, will help provide healing that we need.

Healing on an individual level, and healing on a communal level, and healing on a collective level.

So, I came back to coaching.

With a renewed sense of calling, vision, focus, and intention.

Don't get me wrong I spent many weeks and months grappling with the idea and really grasping the why and what and how, but those experiences at the Fairy Creek blockades and the realizations that followed have remained an anchor point for this new Dharma chapter of my life as an Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coach.

To sum it up...

I came back to coaching to help you relate to your authentic self so that you can heal from the inside out and enjoy your life beyond just existing in functional trauma.

Because that's the path I've been on.

I believe healing comes from relating to our experience.

And if we can relate to our authentic selves and experience, and express that Wisdom On Purpose with courage, love, joy, and trust - then we can express courage, love, joy, and trust from the inside out to better our society and environment.



Kyle Jason Leitzke is an Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coach who helps you relate to your authentic self so you can understand your purpose for being here. From this self wisdom he helps empower you to "Live Your Wisdom, On Purpose."

Kyle is an experienced coach that has helped over 500 individuals with their purpose and direction in life. He is also a trained Holistic Ayurvedic Health Consultant.

Most commonly Kyle helps people overcome suffering from feeling anxiously lost and depressively stuck to become confidently clear and joyfully motivated in their life.

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