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Kundalini Yoga Outside

Emotional CARE Meditation

This meditation helps you tune into the power of your emotions to intuitively know what you need and embody balance in emotional situations. 


Enjoy the guided meditation with a 3rd eye chakra tuned crystal bowl sound bath for clear intuition.

Intention Setting

Clarify your current intention and cultivate confidence in embodying this intention as you enjoy the visualization journey of seeding your intention through your Chakra body at all levels.

Meditate at the beach
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Decision Making Meditation 

Relieve stress and anxiety over a looming decision as you enjoy the visualization journey of your sacred place, with your sacred guides, finished with a sound bath.This is a meditation to tune into the wisdom of your head, heart, and gut for aligned and empowered decision making.

Morning Gratitude Prayer

Listen along and recite this Dharma prayer first thing in the morning, or whenever you are needing to feel grounded, comforted, and guided. Ask your higher power, self, and spiritual guides for wisdom in living your purpose, and commit to acting in that guidance with courage, love, and joy, because your life matters.


Follow for more meditations to relieve stress, focus the mind, and be at peace. 

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