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About Me

Coach + Teacher + Advisor + Counselor + Writer + Speaker

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I’ll get straight to the point…​


I’m not here to play around,

but I will play around while I’m here. 🤓

What that looks like in coaching, training, or speaking, is that while we are tuning deep into your soul, or processing some heavy stuff, I'll still drop an F*bomb with you and belly laugh about the ridiculous reality of this thing we call "life."

​On another serious note… 

I am passionate about helping you rewire your mental, emotional, and physical patterns to move beyond "functional trauma" and truly enjoy your life.

I exist to be an inspiring and down to earth guide who helps you feel peace in your journey by tuning in with your soul, and being in right relationship with it.

After all, these experiences we call life are pretty freaking wild. Let’s enjoy the ride.

Kyle 🙂  (he/they)


Losing my brother showed me my Why...

10 days before I turned 7 my older brother Ryan was killed in an accident and it lead me to seek mentorship to fill that void through sports and school. But although I had mentors through coaches and teachers along the way, the void inside persisted. 

Therefore, in the midst of an identity crisis when my football career ended, I had an ah-ha moment that “I want to be a mentor to others, just like I have been seeking. And I'll have to do it from the inside out.”


So, I’ve done just that since then - cultivating my skills as a sports coach with a Master's Degree in Coaching. As a teacher in high school and university. As a college academic and career advisor. And most recently as a certified Ayurvedic Counselor. While doing my own inner work and development with coaches, teachers, therapists, and mentors. 


All as parts of answering my call to mentorship from within.

Going from a depressed football MVP to a Joyful Nomadic Yogi honoring my soul calling.

I believe...


We are here on purpose.

We each have everything we need and desire within us. 

We each are loved and supported more than we often know. 

We each are doing our best. 

Love is Love

All humans are legal

Black Lives Matter

Women's rights are human rights

All genders are real, valid, and whole

Environmental stewardship is part of our human priority

Fun Conversation Starters

Athlete > Sociologist > Backpacker > Nomad >  Yogi

My Coaches, Teachers, and Mentors

Every great coach needs other great coaches that inspire, guide, and support them. Here are some of the great individuals that are currently supporting me in answering my call of supporting you and your calling. 

To the many who are not listed here but have, are, and will support me, THANK YOU!


Master of Science, Recreation and Sport Coaching Education

Ohio University

Teaching Credential, Single Subject in Physical Education | Sociology supplement

Cal Poly Humboldt (Formerly Humboldt State University)

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (Emphasis in race & gender equity)

California State University of Sacramento


Certified Ayurveda Psychology and Relationships (500 hour)Ayurvedic Living School - 2022

Certified Ayurveda Foundations and Nutrition (500 hour)Ayurvedic Living School - 2021

Teaching & Facilitation

The Leit Haus Collective group coaching membership - Online - Ongoing

Fortify Your Fall: Autumn Wellness with Ayurveda Wisdom - Online - October 2023

Sacred Brotherhood Circle "Sexuality" - Online - October

Being Still: Community Meditation at Wahi Ho'ola Studio - Wailuku, Maui, Hawai'i - September 2023

Sacred Brotherhood Circle "Safety" - Online - September

Optimize Your True Nature with Ayurveda at True Nature Healing Arts - Carbondale, CO - August 2023

Sacred Brotherhood Circle "Leadership" - Online - August

Sacred Brotherhood Circle at Rose Fest - Salida, CO - June 2023

Heart Chakra Activation Workshop at Rose Fest - Salida, CO - June 2023

Sacred Brotherhood Circle: Heart Chakra Activation at A Restful Space - Eureka, CA - May 2023

"Awaken your power, with Emotional CARE" at the North Coast Men's Gathering - Petrolia, CA - May 2023

"Living Free from the Inside Out" discussion/meditation at The Flamingo Stage - Moab, UT - May 2023 

How to Tune Into What You Really Need with CARE workshop - Online - ​March 2023

Deepak Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance Meditation Group Facilitation - Online - January 2023 + July 2022 

Know & Trust Yourself with Ayurveda workshop - Online - ​September 2022   

Arcata Men’s Group Open Support Circle - Arcata, CA - May + September 2022

"Authoring Your Life Purpose" at the North Coast Men’s Gathering - Petrolia, CA - May 2022        

First Year Seminar - AHSS 180 at Cal Poly Humboldt - Spring 2020 + Fall 2020 + Spring 2021

Relevant Trainings

Manifestation Mastery training with A Project Called Life - 2023

Executive Coaching training with Manual Coaching - 2022

Ayurveda Business Lifestyle Design with CAAM - 2022
Emotional Intelligence training with Six Seconds - 2021
Motivational Interview training - 2019
Appreciative Advising training - 2018
Clifton StrengthsQuest / StrengthsFinder Assessment training - 2017
MBTI Personality Assessment training - 2017
Career Values and Motivated Skills training in Knowdell assessments - 2016
Compassionate Communication training based in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) - 2015

Resume, Cover Letter, Interview training - 2015
Equine leadership training with Mearas: “The Connected Leader: Mastering The Power of the Herd” - 2014

"Kyle has a nice balance of playful and serious, which is extremely comforting and not easy to find in people."

Kerri (she/her) Director + Ayurvedic Practitioner

Reach out with any questions or to schedule your complimentary coaching consultation. 

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