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Cultivate Your Capacity for Greater Self-Love and Emotional Resilience to Process Pain into Purpose

It's time you fill your cup

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  • ​Feeling stagnant and lacking the passion and fulfillment you believe is possible? 

  • Stuck in self-sabotaging patterns that push your partners and opportunities away? 

  • Ready to explore the depths of your heart and embrace vulnerability in a supportive, sacred space?


  • Seeking healing and freedom from the burdens of shame, blame, and pain through ancient and modern practices?

  • Feel a resonance with the energy of Maui, and excited to immerse yourself in its transformative power with new brothers?

Sacred sites, Kundalini yoga, breath-work, mantra meditation, Internal Family Systems, trauma-informed Emotional CARE, Ayurveda, and nature immersion.

At Maui Heart Alchemy you will immerse yourself in heart medicine through sacred circles, shamanic rituals, Yoga, meditation, and natural sacred sites.

You will alchemize that depth and learning with brotherly connection, modern coaching, and deep rejuvenation in an environment that activates your heart wisdom.

Workshops and activities to cultivate forgiveness, self-love, and appreciation - for a transformative experience towards greater self-love, emotional resilience, and purpose. 

Vision & Purpose
Presented by Kyle Jason Leitzke and Jonathan Carrick


Imagine a world where you are safe to lead and live your life, with a courageous open heart:


A world where your feelings are honored & encouraged to be expressed.  

A space with other men, free of competition and societal pressures, where your heart can be mindfully recalibrated through meditation, ritual, & embodied movement practices. 


Connecting with a community of heart-aligned brothers dedicated towards awakening, alignment, and soul evolution.  


The heart of men’s work is in the heart!

We will meet you here… in paradise.  

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Don’t put off nurturing your healing transformation and join us for a five day transformational immersion retreat within the pristine cloud rainforests of Haleakala, Maui.

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Retreat Highlights

workshop space.jpg

Embodiment Practices

Kundalini Yoga

Pranayama Breath Practices

Mantra Meditation

Sauna & Cold-Plunge

Hiking & Body Surfing

7 Sacred Pools.jpg


Sacred Councils

Emotional CARE

Shamanic Forgiveness Ritual

Ayurvedic Doshas & Dharma

Internal Family Systems

Waterfall - bottom.jpg

Nature Immersions

Hike to 400ft Waimoku Falls

Visit the 7 Sacred Pools of O’heo

Tour sacred temple Pi'ilanihale Heiau 

Body surf at Hamoa beach

The Agenda (subject to change)

Day 1 - M


4pm - Welcome Farm Tour

6pm - Dinner

7pm - Opening Ceremony

9pm - Sauna / Personal time

Day 2 - T


7:30am - Yoga

9am - Breakfast

10am - CARE @ Waimokua Falls in Haleakala NP

12pm - Lunch

1pm - Forgiveness Ritual @ the 7 Sacred Pools of O'Heo

4pm - Self-Love time

6pm - Dinner

7pm - Brotherhood Circle on Ho'oponopono forgiveness

9pm - Sauna / Personal time

Day 3 - W


7:30am - Meditation

9am - Breakfast

10am - Internal Family Systems

12pm - Lunch

1pm - Tour Pi'ilanihale Heiau

4pm - Self-Love time

6pm - Dinner

7pm - Brotherhood Circle w/ sound bath & yoga nidra

9pm - Sauna / Personal time

Day 4 - Th


7:30am - Yoga

9am - Breakfast

10am - Dharma & Doshas

12pm - Lunch

1pm - Hamoa Beach

4pm - Self-Love time

6pm - Dinner

7pm - Brotherhood Circle on appreciation

9pm - Sauna / Personal time

Day 5 - F


7:30am - Meditation

9am - Breakfast

10am - Integration Prep

11am - Closing Ceremony

12pm - Lunch & Checkout

Your Heart Alchemy Facilitators

We are not just here to lead, we are welcoming you into a tribe. 

We design the program curriculum and offer you additional optional personal healing services at the retreat.

Kyle's Alchemy...

10 days before I turned 7 my older brother, Ryan, was killed in an accident. I not only lost my older brother, I also lost the emotional availability of my Father because of the added depression and grief he carried for the rest of his life. This catalyst moment created a void for connection and mentorship from men in my life.   I was also a momma’s boy growing up and regularly remember my mom shaming my dad for his anger and temper. “Don’t have a temper like your dad”, or “Leitzke men always lose their temper”, I’d hear on repeat.   Subconsciously prioritizing the connection I did have with my mom I learned to shame and repress my own emotions, and became good at just intellectualizing them.   Paired with the paradox of being a college football player I was rewarded as a man for unleashing anger and violence on the men who were my “opponents.” Thankfully in my mid 20s I started going to therapy and learned how to be compassionately curious with what influenced my behavior and how I can better myself.   My therapist was an amazing woman and wise elder for me, but now removed from football, in a female dominant profession as a guidance counselor, I had even less male connection and mentorship.   This led me to being courageous enough to show up to the 2017 annual North Coast Men’s Gathering in Humboldt, CA completely by myself - which I was the only one out of 30+ to come not knowing anybody.   It was simultaneously extremely scary and deeply comforting to meet other heart centered men and boys from ages 2-80. After that transformational weekend I continued the courageous connection by joining the Arcata Men’s group, which I’ve been a member of ever since.   It was in this container of heart centered men - in their 30s-60s, white collar and blue collar professions, and backgrounds from various states and countries that I was able to put my mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligence to practice.   I practiced being vulnerable about my emotions with men - which was different than when I did it with the women in my life.   I practiced expressing my full range of emotions from anger, grief, and even my joy intentionally and safely - which I had learned to suppress out of fear.   I practiced actively witnessing myself and others - without trying to solve anything - which was coincidently more empowering.  I practiced discovering my authentic self and purpose by asking, “what’s really going on?”  I practiced embracing responsibility in my challenges by asking myself, “what’s it got to do with me?” Now 7 years later, I’m honored that facilitating transformational experiences for other men is part of my Dharma.   I believe in a world where men are intimately connected, emotionally resilient, and deeply fulfilled. At Heart Alchemy you’ll learn and practice the most potent strategies, techniques, and fundamentals for being the man you know you are capable of being.   ​ Don’t put off nurturing your next level of healing transformation.   Join me at Maui Heart Alchemy to cultivate your emotional capacity for greater self-love and the emotional resilience to process your pain into purpose.   Love Kyle

Jonny's Alchemy...

My path has taken me many places in life, across continents to the far south of New Zealand twice, purifying myself in the ancient Tirta Empil temple in Bali, trekking across the Santa Cruz trek in the Cordilla Blanca range in Peru- I have traversed majestic ridges with limitless views and passed through lonely valleys for days on end with a heavy heart yet my path has always remained a path of selfless service. Why I have come to Earth is to make a difference in the world for the benefit of All Beings. Understanding early on that love and forgiveness are the most powerful agents of transformation, it was not until I hiked the 2,172 mile Appalachian Trail and 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail, that I truly began to know and love myself. Coincidently, I also no longer feared the dark from this point onward. Over the past two decades, I have committed myself to studying the most powerful, transformational systems from traditions the world over modern and ancient, and it remains my greatest passion to teach and share these gifts that have so radically and powerfully changed the course of my life. Kundalini yoga, the Alphabiotic Alignment, and Kambo, are three of these nervous system regulation treasures. These retreat immersions are a heart’s song and dream many years in the making come into crystallization. In service to the great mystery, I am a student of life, and Mother Earth is my teacher. I am both honored and humbled to be one of your guides in this profound week of elevation & awakening. In Lak’ech (I am another you.) "For me there is only the traveling on path s that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length-and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly." ― Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

Flamingo Stage 1_edited.jpg

By embracing vulnerability, authenticity & play, Jonny and I create a compassionate, curious, and courageous space for men to break free from the constraints of toxic masculinity and societal expectations. 


Through workshops, group activities, and one-on-one coaching, we empower men to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being, fostering resilience and self-compassion. 


Surrounded by the beauty of Maui's landscapes, you are encouraged to forge deep meaningful connections with yourself, others, and the Aina (land).


With a focus on mindfulness and self-care, our retreat equips you with ancient and modern practices you need to cultivate balance, purpose, and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. 


Through this metamorphosis, you will emerge with a renewed sense of self-awareness, purpose, and belonging, ready to navigate life's challenges with courage, authenticity, and heart-centered resilience.

The Location

Hana, Maui

Exclusive Regenerative Family Farm

A luxury farmhouse on a regenerative family farm that is exclusive and only open to word of mouth bookings. Thankfully, Jonny knows the owners personally. 


Due to the exclusivity the family has asked not to market the exact location but details will be given to you upon registration. 

You will have options for private or shared accommodations in a beautiful, peaceful and comfortable space for personal transformation.

Farm yard.jpg

Experience the "Mana" Life Force of Maui Beyond the Farm

Waimoku Falls.jpg

Maui is known as the Heart Chakra of the world because the Mt. Haleakala volcano gives off the same frequency as the human heart via the Schumann Resonance. 

"Mana" the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe in Melanesian and Polynesian mythology. 

Each day we will immerse ourselves in Maui's Mana healing energy to alchemize our hearts. 

Hike to the bottom of 400 foot Waimoku Falls, in one of the rarest rainforest ecologies in the world, Haleakala National Park.

Meditate in the serenity of the infamous 7 Sacred Pools of O’heo, before they cascade into the tumultuous ocean.

Tour Pi'ilanihale Heiau, a National Historic Landmark and 13th century temple: the largest sacred temple in Polynesia and one of the best preserved in the Hawaiian Islands.  

7 sacred pools at Ohe_o sunset.webp
Pi'ilanihale Heiau 1.jpg
Kipahulu Rainbows.jpg

Join us for a five day transformational immersion retreat within the pristine cloud rainforests of Haleakala, Maui.


Create new life-long friends, hike to massive waterfalls within Haleakala National Park, relax at night with wood-fired sauna and cold plunge, relish in the delicacy of gourmet farm-to-table organic meals.


Fall in love with your SELF for the first time - or again - and leave feeling restored. 

We look forward to facilitating a transformative experience for you.



Kyle & Jonny

The Rooms

The farmhouse is elegantly built and has both private and shared accommodations available so that you can choose your own sanctuary or bunk up with your new brothers like camp. 

There are queen and Twin XL beds available to accommodate taller individuals. 

Bedroom - queen.jpg
Bedroom - loft.jpg
Food - Fruit.jpg
Food - salad.jpg

The Food

High quality, delicious food is an integral part of rest and regeneration. The menu will include Ayurveda based meals to meet the dietary preferences of each participant.


Farm to table food is served 3 times per day. Being a regenerative farm as much food from the land is used as possible in meals.


Water, coffee, and tea available during whole stay. 

The Barn Work Space

Set amidst the enticing nature of Maui, the Yoga space is a sanctuary for wellness and connection.


Being set on the top floor it offers a refreshing treehouse type view of tropical forest and coastline.


*Yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, meditation cushions will be provided*

workshop space.jpg
Workshop space no equipment.png

Directions & Transportation

  • Nearest airport is Kahului Airport (OGG) 

  • Shuttle service INCLUDED: We will pick you up from Kahululi airport and shuttle you approximately three hours along the backside of the island through ancient Hawaiian native forests to our lovely venue retreat. 

  • Alternatively, you can rent a car if staying longer from Maui Budget Rental Cars: +1-808-446-6200.  Note, book your rental car 4+ months in advance if this is your preferred option.  Please let us know in advance  if you will not be needing a shuttle.

What To Bring

Daytime highs are 80s degrees with lows a balmy 60s.  Dress for hot, humid, sun & rain.  

  • An open heart

  • A Spirit of Adventure

  • An openness for accelerated personal Transformation

  • Waterbottle /camelback

  • Small daypack

  • Pack Liner (small trash bag works)

  • Rain Jacket

  • Journal/colored pencils/sketchbook

  • Sun hat/wide brimmed hat 

  • Reef-safe sunblock

  • Hiking shoes & sandals

  • Beach / Travel towel

  • Bathing suit

  • A sacred item of personal meaning

  • Hiking pants/shorts

  • Spending money

  • Personal supplements/superfoods/medications

  • Camera

kipahulu coastline.jpg

Retreat Package Includes

  • 5-Day & 4-night all-inclusive retreat at an exclusive regenerative family farm near Hana, Maui

  • Private & shared accommodations available

  • 3 gourmet farm to table meals a day + refreshments

  • Daily yoga, breathwork, meditation, movement, & Men’s council facilitation

  • Add-on individual Coaching, Ayurveda Counseling, and Alignment sessions

  • Full airport shuttle to and from Kahului airport

  • All daily excursion entry fees



Custom Payment Plans Available through RegFox

Early Bird Special Starting @ $2,600 (AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 1st)

Full Price Starting at $2,800+

$500 Deposit w/ Custom Payment Plans through RegFox


  • 45 Days of VIP Group Accountability For Ongoing Personal Integration: Don't just go home and let the impact of this event fade away, this will make sure you're implementing your learnings and taking action in your daily life, and staying connected with this elevated group of likehearted men, leveling up together. Get 1 live call per week with Jonny & Kyle personally, in a small group setting, to integrate your experience, ask any questions, and learn and connect with your brothers from the retreat in a courageous and compassionate space. We're here to make sure you're feeling good and we're thriving together. 

  • Printed & digital guidebook.

  • Lifetime Access To The Virtual Program: Take your experience and learnings home with you so you never forget anything and have it with you for life. 

  • WhatsApp Group Chat: Hit the ground running and maintain momentum after your retreat transformation by having digital connection with brothers before and after the retreat.

  • Unlimited Alphabiotic Alignments during retreat and optional Kambo ceremony.

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