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Speaking & Training

Align consciousness, intention, and action to optimize your energy and performance.

Kyle is available to facilitate and speak on a variety of topics at the intersection of modern personal development and ancestral spiritual wisdom. 

  • Sacred circle discussions on topics like:

    • Freedom, purpose, manifestation, leadership, etc. 

  • Dharma and the four Vedic pursuits of life (purusarthas)

    • Purpose, Prosperity, Pleasure, Peace​

  • Sacred Brotherhood Circles​ for male identified groups to cultivate intimacy

  • Chakra workshops with yoga, breath work, meditation, mantras, etc. 

  • Ayurveda assessments: your body+mind+spirit nature

  • Meditation sound baths to calm and focus the mind

  • Breath-work (pranayama) to harness energy

  • Emotional CARE to tap into personal power

  • CALM Communication to nurture relationships

  • CLEVER Solutions to strengthen and repair trust

Sun salutations

Team Retreats & Development


Kyle is available to facilitate on a variety of retreat topics from leadership to team dynamics to yoga, meditation and self care.

  • Purpose, vision, and values

  • Ayurvedic assessments for optimal individual and team performance

  • Leadership development:

    • Emotional intelligence, trust building, and communication

  • Coaching techniques for leaders

  • Yoga, meditation, & lifestyle self-care

  • Team conflict resolution

  • Interpersonal dynamics and communication

  • Co-operative and collaborative future of work

“Kyle is a genuine and thoughtful speaker that we were ecstatic to have facilitate a discussion at our intentional Music Festival, The Flamingo Stage.
Kyle created and maintained a safe space for people to open up to themselves and others, while carefully guiding the conversation to inspire deep, productive discussion.
Kyle’s presence and skills were integral to the intentional space we created and the discussion on freedom aligned so well with our community.
We want to have Kyle back at all of our events and hope to see them at many others in the future.”

Michael Damman ~ Founder of The Flamingo Stage

Reach out with any questions or to book for your next event. 

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