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The Coaching Approach

Holistic + Transformational + Trauma Informed

My coaching approach is a synergy of modern coaching that is transformational and trauma-informed with holistic wisdoms from ancestral Vedic philosophy, Ayurveda, and Yoga to meet you where you are at, and get you to where you are called to be as optimally as possible.


This potent combination comes from my 14 years of professional experience supporting over 600 hundred individuals to know who they are, perform at their greatest potential, and share their cultivated gifts with the world.


My approach draws on my skillsets from my Master's Degree in Sport Coaching, certification in Ayurvedic Counseling, Emotional Intelligence, Conscious Communication, and numerous other trainings. 

Modern coaching tools of transformational psychology, emotional CARE, CALM communication, CLEVR leadership, vision planning, goal setting, decision making, habit evolution, etc. help bring to life the combination of ancestral wisdoms with your own wisdom in a way that works for you at this exact moment in time.


Vedic philosophy of consciousness, the aims of life, manifestation, Dharma, etc. help you understand your purpose and embody it in real life. 


Yoga practices of mindfulness, meditation, pranayama (breath practices), mantras, etc. help cultivate life force and connect with source so that you can know your wisdom.


Ayurveda practices of using food and lifestyle routines as medicine to help nourish your healthy body so that you can live on purpose in balance with natural rhythms.


This approach is personalized for you when working with Kyle.

How will you design your authentic life template with Kyle’s guidance?

My Favorite
Leadership Approach

Mentor Leadership 

  • Engage

  • Educate

  • Equip

  • Encourage

  • Empower

  • Energize

  • Elevate


Primary Leadership Frameworks

Emotional Stability + Effective Communication + Timely Solutions

Life Coaching Pathways

Personal Development

Manage your energy to work for you, instead of against you. 

  • Authoring your Life Purpose statement

  • Clarifying your Core Values

  • Navigating your Pursuits of life: prosperity, pleasure, passion, & purpose

  • MANIFEST your goals by rewiring your mental, emotional, physical patterns

  • Build your discipline through intentional Habit Evolution 

  • Embodied Decision making for life's crossroads moments

Career Advising

Lead your career life from the power of your authentic wisdom.

  • Author your purposeful work statement

  • Clarify your top career values

  • Identify your motivated skills

  • Vision planning and goal setting

  • Maintain balance and boundaries in your work and personal life 

Ayurvedic Counseling

Ayurveda and Yoga are pillars of the Vedic ancestral wisdom tradition that offer a holistic body+mind+spirit system to understand your personal nature and how to optimize it. 

  • Personal assessments to understand your Ayurvedic Body+Mind constitution

  • How to use food and lifestyle as medicine for your nature and environment

  • Lifestyle and career recommendations to optimize your energy and vitality

  • Breath-work (pranayama), meditation, and mantras 

  • Yoga poses and routines for your constitution

  • Self-care routines and remedies for your circumstances

Relationship Coaching

Healthy relationships sprout from nurturing our primary relationship with self. Our primary relationship inspires how we interact with loved ones, acquaintances, and our environment. 

  • Cultivate love, intimacy, trust, communication, and joy

  • Emotional CARE coaching to nurture your primary relationship with You

  • CALM Communication to nurture your relationships with others compassionately

  • Clarify your Relationship Pursuits

  • Guidance through assessments to empower how you show up with others

  • Overcome the Drama Triangle and step into The Empowerment Dynamic

  • Improve self-talk and self-love

  • Cultivate your light-work to minimize the shadows and blind spots 

Entrepreneur Coaching

For aspiring solopreneurs who are holistic healers and helpers in the disciplines of Ayurveda and Yoga. 

  • Understand the phase of entrepreurship you are in and how to act accordingly

  • Clarify your purpose, vision, and values

  • Align your mental and emotional energy for business success

  • Organize your goals, milestones, and priorities

  • Manage your discipline around the 'busy'ness parts of your business

  • Build your support systems around you and your business

  • Maintain balance and boundaries in your work and personal life 

Reach out with any questions or to schedule your complimentary coaching consultation. 

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