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Leit Haus Collective

A community membership to lead you home to your authentic self and guide you in living your present purpose. 

Discover, cultivate and live your purpose without the pressure of a timeline

So much energy in the personal development space is focused around finding your purpose and then capitalizing on it as soon as possible. 

However, the reality is that your purpose is discovered within you, and once you commit to answering that calling - you are cultivating your purpose. 

Therefore, the "Leit Haus Collective" is here to help you discover your present purpose and support you in managing the waves of living with purpose.

The only place you need to be is "here", with presence and intention.

Image by Sanni Sahil

Rhythm to Re-ignite Your Light
Bi-weekly live zoom meetings: Thursdays  4pm - 5:30pm PDT around the new and full moons. 

🌑 🌓  Monthly Moon Cycle Prompts 🌕 🌗

  • Prompts, meditations, and discussions based on the moon cycle in the exclusive membership community forum for collective inspiration and support.

🌑 🌓 Group Gathering Format  🌕 🌗


New Moon Intention Setting

  • Learn how the new moon zodiac sets the tone for our month, plus tune into your intention with a guided meditation sound bath, and discuss your commitments around the theme.

Full Moon Coaching Q&A 

  • Ask questions that come up for you and receive group and 1:1 coaching from Kyle to overcome a spotlight issue in your life with the collective support

🌟 Exclusive Bonuses 🌟

  • Leit Haus Academy on Wix to access library of live recordings archive, pre-recorded classes, meditations, and additional resources 24/7 

  • WhatsApp group chat to stay connected, inspired, and supported between live meetings

  • Discounted Attendance of workshops / masterclasses by Kyle outside of Leit Haus

  • Complimentary access to library of worksheets, lessons, and courses

Leit Haus Keepers are compassionate and courageous light workers: 


Loving Leaders


Holistic Helpers



*This is a transformational space that welcomes all-identities. All members receive a complimentary coaching fit call with Kyle before joining to ensure a space that inspires courage and demonstrates compassion*


I felt called to join the Leit Haus membership because I was looking for a community space where I could feel safe sharing vulnerable truths as I navigated a big transition period in my life. 


I'm SO glad I trusted my gut and joined. Leit Haus helped me work through the very painful ending of an important relationship in my life. Kyle is an excellent coach and the spotlight 1:1 coaching really helped me to forgive myself. 


I also worked through a deep shame I was carrying around money and finances. In fact, during my time in Leit Haus my business finally began to take off, and I experienced more financial abundance. 


I always felt safe and supported in the Leit Haus community, and having a safe space where I could share vulnerably was SO powerful for me. I highly recommend Kyle and the Leit Haus membership!

Brittany - Channel and Intuitive Guide

Moonthly Themes to Guide Us

Our personal development themes begin around each new moon and leverage their zodiac energy.

Leit Haus Collective is intentionally facilitated to help you tend to your purpose (guiding light), as well as be a beacon for each other and our communities. 

  • Connect with other like-minded individuals who value personal growth and purpose

  • Invest time in yourself and your development with others prioritizing the same

  • Intentionally use online space to relate to yourself, each other, & your environment

  • See glimpses of yourself in others by witnessing them in their brightness

  • Amplify your voice and be witnessed in your unique flare 

  • Train your inner critic into inner coach 

  • Be the inspiration you want reflected back to you in the world 

  • Bring your courageous light to the shadow work that can feel heavy and scary

  • Be grounded in yourself and your purpose as you shine your light out into the world

  • Feel safe and at home in yourself while attracting the same vibrancy of others into your life


Enjoy who you are, the path you are on, & the way you are shining in life

Apply to the Leit Haus Collective

Leit Haus Collective Agreements

Membership Investment

All membership pricing tiers receive the same benefits and treatment. 

Select the tier that aligns most with you and your financial ability right now.  

Fair share tier = $57 per month investment

This tier is for members that are comfortable financially meeting your monthly means, have some financial savings safety net, and can invest in personal development with little to no interruption in financial well-being. 

Supported tier = $37 per month investment

This tier is for members that are making ends meet financially but this investment in your personal development is a little bit of a stretch and the financial support would mean a lot. (Students, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, women and other individuals experiencing financial marginalization from systemic oppression are encouraged to utilize this tier.)

*Start your membership at any new moon theme (dates listed above)*

So, "Leit Haus" ???

🌞 “Leit” is a German word that is pronounced like "light", and translates from German to English as "home."

It is also part of Kyle’s last name “Leitzke” which has German heritage. 


🏠 “Haus” is also a German word that is pronounced like “house”, and translated from German to English as: "home." 


Phonetically it is like “Light house.”

Meaning wise it is “leading home.”

Just like an actual lighthouse’s utility. 

Metaphorically inspiring us to be our own lighthouse and light keeper. 


So this "Leit Haus Collective" community is designed to act as a collective of "lighthouses" and "light keepers" tending their own inner light to safely guide us individually and collectively home. Especially when we need it through life's shifting tides and in the gnarliest of emotional storms. 

"A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats"

(Special shout out to my sister for the Leit Haus name inspiration)

  • Are the live calls going to be recorded?
    Yes. All the live group sessions are recorded from Zoom and stored in the Leit Haus Academy for those who can't attend live, or to go back and remember that highlight moment. You will receive access to the entire Leit Haus Academy library once you start your membership.
  • Does the membership have a minimum commitment? Can I stop or start at anytime?
    Start at any new moon cycle. The intended commitment is 6 months and you are encouraged to continue longer as the content continuously evolves. If you need to cancel before 6 months bring it up with me and we will make sure you get what you need. Let your heart dictate the flow as you are the leader of your life.
  • Do I need Facebook or a special app to join?
    No Facebook but there is a WhatsApp group chat for all historical members. WhatsApp is a free encrypted communication app. All the membership content is through this website via Wix. It can be accessed on any mobile or desktop browser. There is a mobile app through Wix that works great if you desire.
  • What is the schedule of calls?
    Bi-weekly group live zoom meetings will be Thursdays from 4-5pm pst around the new and full moons. Occasionally there is 3 weeks between calls to stay in rhythm with the moon. You get the most out of attending live but if you can't attend some sessions the recordings will be shared in the private group forum for you to stay up to date and you can interact with the group through the private Leit Haus Collective group chat on WhatsApp.
Prayer with bowls horizontal cropped

My name is Kyle and I'm your Leit Haus Collective captain.

     I've created this intentional online community because in my personal journey of nurturing my transformational healing, having the right team has been a key pillar of support to my self-work and 1:1 coaching / therapy. I mean I come from a large family of six and was always on sports teams growing up. Teamwork seems to be engrained in me and my sanskaras. 


     In the past year, I've also had the spotlight shined on my own desire and ability to facilitate this online communal space for other purpose-driven individuals like you. My love of relating to people + my skills in empowering them from the inside out + my professional experience in coaching, teaching, and facilitating = the underlying currents (Dharma) inspiring me as your Leit Haus Collective captain. 

     By being a Leit Haus member you'll notice my energizing Coach Kyle shine at times, my empowering teacher Mr. Kyle shine at times, as well as my encouraging brotherly Kyle shine at times. 

     My desire is that being a member of this Leit Haus Collective helps lead you home to your authentic self whenever you feel lost at sea, and to be a reliable shining light for your families, communities, and colleagues. 


Kyle :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out with any questions or to schedule your complimentary coaching consultation. 

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