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Leit Haus Collective

An intentional group coaching membership of conscientious, soul-centered change makers who show up and shine bright in life.

Navigate through the tides of life together

The last few years of life on earth has connected us all in unprecedented ways while also illuminating a disconnection between answering our inner calling and creating meaningful outer connections with others like us.

However balancing the inner and outer connections can be challenging much like the shifting tides. Inner balance is experienced when we recognize and honor what we are being called to. Outer balance is experienced when we show up in service to others while anchored in our primary relationship to self.

The "Leit Haus Collective" exists to balance the inner and outer soul-level connections to navigate the tides of life together. This intentionally facilitated online community consists of fellow soul-centered individuals who aspire to relate to, with, and from our primary light (Dharma), for purposeful change. 

Image by Sanni Sahil

Rhythm to anchor our personal and social connections 
Live zoom meetings are Thursdays at 3pm pacific time
Begins June 15th then on-going

  • Monthly themes every new moon to guide us based on the moons influence on the tides of life

  • Group sacred circle live on zoom with Kyle to be embraced and embrace others as authentically are. 

  • Group coaching live on zoom with Kyle to receive guidance on a spotlight issue in your life

  • Group conversation and Q&A live on zoom with Kyle to casually reflect on the monthly wave together

  • Group class live on zoom with Kyle or guest teacher to develop skills in Ayurveda, Yoga, breath work, etc.

  • Prompts, meditations, and discussions in the exclusive membership community forum available 24/7 for collective inspiration and support. (available on any mobile or desktop browser at and /or the Spaces app by Wix)


Exclusive Bonuses

  • Refer a friend to get a complimentary 1:1 coaching session 

  • Discounts to future offerings

  • Attendance and recordings of workshops / masterclasses by Kyle outside of Leit Haus

  • Complimentary access to complete library of worksheets, lessons, and courses to develop your light

Leit Haus Collective members are down to earth change makers: 
coaches, counselors, social workers, healers, channels, activists, artists, yogis, founders, entrepreneurs

  • Conscientious with the way you show up and flow through life. You have emotional intelligence and seek to communicate compassionately. 

  • Inspired visionary who is bringing something to life that doesn't exist yet. You are choosing to shine bright and play BIG in life because you know your life matters!

  • Called to be a captain of your own life and want to strengthen your community of others doing the same. 

  • Appreciate mind + body + spirit well-being. This fits in any spiritual beliefs, & is based in the sense of knowing there is more to life than meets the eye, & that "it" is on your side. 

  • Willing to courageously presence your authentic self and compassionately witness others in their authentic expressions.

  • Ayurveda and Yoga curious to learn more about how the ancestral Vedic wisdom tradition of India can help you live more in rhythm, balance, and integrity with your soul.

*This is an all-identities welcome space and all members are screened by Kyle before being approved to ensure the safe, space that demonstrates compassion and inspires courage*


Moonthly Themes to Guide Us Home

  • Invest time in yourself and your development with others prioritizing the same

  • Intentionally use online space to relate to yourself, each other, & your environment

  • See glimpses of yourself in others by witnessing them in their brightness

  • Amplify your voice and be witnessed in your unique flare 

  • Train your inner critic into inner coach 

  • Be the inspiration you want reflected back to you in the world 

  • Bring your courageous light to the shadow work that can feel heavy and scary

  • Be grounded in yourself and your purpose as you shine your light out into the world

  • Feel safe and at home in yourself while attracting the same vibrancy of others into your life


Enjoy who you are, where you are, the path you are on, & the way you are shining in life

Shine bright as your own Lighthouse and Light keeper in your personal, relational, and professional lives.

Leit Haus Collective Agreements