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Leadership Coaching

for new or overwhelmed male leaders

Rest Assured with Kyle as Your Steering Partner

Joe (he/him) - Director at Fortune 50 company | Husband | Father

Consciously Lead with a Clear Mind and Heart

As a male in today's society, I have recognized the social conditioning that trains to act with more 'fire' than 'water', and this imbalance can make it challenging to confidently navigate the intersections of decisions, communication, and emotions as a leader.

In truth, a healthy masculine leader is balanced and harnesses their personal power by tuning into their 'watery' emotional intelligence and creates an empowered environment for their team to get better and bring the collective vision to life.

So that is why I’m here to help you develop as a leader that is CALM and CLEVER with CARE - that brings your vision from ether to earth through your own personal flare.

TL:DR - Basically don't be the scorching heat of Death Valley - be the warm sunshine of Pacific Beach, San Diego

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You know you can show up better...

  • The pressure and stress has you missing meals, skipping self-care, & not being present with your family

  • You are doubting if you are chasing the right things, or if what you are doing is actually worth it

  • You are being reactionary and sharp in your communication, and then feel bad afterwards 

  • You are bothered that you don't sense you actually know your team 

  • You are being called into a new or greater leadership position and are feeling stretched interpersonally

Harness your Personal Power as an
Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • Recognize real time when you are triggered, tune into your core feelings and needs, then respond consciously and confidently in a way that has you thinking - whoa, did I just do that? Hell yeah!

  • Initiate and guide conversations that are emotionally charged in a way that has you sighing in relief

  • Face conflict confidently with go to frameworks that allow you to feel in your power & compassion

  • Trust yourself in choosing the throat gulping decisions

  • Develop your natural leadership style that tracks with your character

  • Witness your team enjoying working together and spontaneously bringing new solutions forward

  • Have a pulse of how your people are generally doing, while having healthy boundaries

  • Create a "courageous and compassionate space" for you and your team to get better

  • Be present with your team and your family while "doing less" which includes "being" more You

  • Manage the stresses of leadership responsibilities and life

  • Verbalize discomforts and contextualize emotions with a professional sounding board

  • Overcome emotional thought patterns to empower your leadership

Shane Photo.jpg

Kyle’s coaching has been a beacon for me in the chaos of Silicon Valley. His practical exercises helped me find clarity in my career decisions and personal branding—something I didn’t realize I needed until I saw the results. Sessions with him are like a reset button, getting you in the right headspace to tackle anything.
If you’re looking to level up and navigate life’s curveballs with a sense of purpose, Kyle’s your guy. His coaching style is all about real talk and actionable insights. Thanks to Kyle, I’m not just riding the waves of hyper-growth; I’m steering the ship with confidence.

Shane (he/him) Co-Founder + Head of Product + Angel Investor + Husband + Father


You Are Called to Lead & Care

  • Called to lead and wanting a guide. You sense your natural leadership potential, and you want support optimizing it with your unique flavor, melody, and flare. 

  • Service-driven and enjoy helping others. Yes, the money matters in keeping the lights on, and what really energizes you is the pride you have in the service you provide to your team / community. 

  • Conscientious with the way you show up and lead. This shows by the way you reflect on how you addressed that challenge but don't feel great about, and want to find a better way to show up... You care. 

  • Aware of and appreciate mind + body + spirit well-being. This fits in any spiritual beliefs, and is based in the sense of knowing there is more to life than meets the eye, and that it is on your side. 

Primary Leadership Frameworks

Emotional Resilience + Effective Communication + Timely Solutions

  • Coaching fit & strategy: Your support begins with a complimentary call where we will clarify where you are right now, where you want to be, and identify the initial actions you can take. 

  • Coaching profile intake: Once we've verified we make great partners we complete the logistics of contract agreement, invoice payment, and you complete a thorough wholistic intake that will help me support you in this partnership as best as possible. 

  1. Managing Your Purposes: Establish your foundation with purpose by understanding the four ordinary pursuits we all have of peace, passion, pleasure, and prosperity as well as how they work together. 

  2. Mentor Leadership: Learn how to be a leader who engages, educates, equips, empowers, encourages, energizes, and elevates those around you.  

  3. Emotional CARE: Cultivate your skill of emotional resilience by tuning into the power of your emotions. Know what your core desires are and how to be the primary provider for them.

  4. CALM Communication: Lead transformational conversations that are empathetic and purpose driven to co-create the solutions you desire. 

  5. CLEVER solutions: From a CARE-d for and CALM state of being we organically develop into learning how CLEVER helps you solve the problems that are holding you or your team back. 

  6. Ayurveda & Yoga lifestyle optimizations: Build a lifestyle routine that optimizes your energy with proper foods and activities to elevate your purpose for leadership. 

  • These strategies are complimentary and rhythmic, naturally empowering each other the more they are practiced. Supplemental support on vision, organization, etc. is as needed. 

  • Throughout our work, we keep in mind your personal and relational circumstances, and I support you with approachable recommendations to optimize and maintain your lifestyle for work-life balance from a holistic perspective. 

What you can expect our work to look like

Emotionally intelligent leadership will help you to...

  • Solidify your business idea, purpose, vision, and values.

  • Confidently make significant decisions to propel your business in your vision.

  • Explore expansive possibilities as a creative brainstorming partner.

  • Navigate partnership and personnel challenges.

  • Practice expansive beliefs and empowering emotions that will amplify your leadership.

  • Build a team that will be with you for the long haul because they are invested in the vision.

  • Retain your talented employees who are desiring holistic fulfillment and support from their employment that fuels their passion, pleasure, prosperity, and peace.

  • Increase funding and revenue because you're speaking to investors and consumers from your higher wisdom and passionate heart, through your regulated mind.

  • Decrease spending and overhead because you have the collaborative clarity and buy in amongst your team to optimize strategies, processes, and techniques for getting the job done the best way possible. 

Brett McFarland smile_edited.jpg

"Kyle's strength in leadership is rooted in his strength as a listener.

Rarely have I felt as heard and understood as I have working with this incredible man.

The questions he asks help me see deeper into my being and have enriched my life by teaching me how to show up for others the way he has shown up for me."

Brett (he/him) Ranch and Cidery OwnerMusician + Author + Husband + Father

Apply for Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching is available as single session or as a package.

$200 per 60 minute session for teams of 10 or less

$250 per 60 minute session for for teams 11+

10% off 6 session package 

20% off 12 session package 


Highlights of my leadership experience

  • 14 years of professional leadership experience in sports and academia

  • Executive Coaching training with Manual Coaching - 2022

  • Outstanding Staff Award at Cal Poly Humboldt - 2020 (pictured)

  • Co-leadership member of Arcata Men's Group - 2017 to present

  • Emotional Intelligence training with Six Seconds - 2016

  • Compassionate communication training based on NVC - 2015

  • Equine leadership training with Mearas - 2014

  • Masters of Science in Coaching at Ohio University - 2013

  • Teammate voted captain at university, junior-college, & high school levels

  • Consistent feedback appreciating the safety I create in relationships that are up, down, and lateral 

I am here to equip, empower, and elevate emotionally intelligent male leaders. 

I believe men are ready and willing to answer the call of being the balanced healthy masculine leaders that the world wants and needs. 

Reach out with any questions or to schedule your complimentary coaching consultation. 

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