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Fortify Your Fall: Autumn Wellness with Ayurveda

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A medieval style stone fort in a forest of trees with red, orange, yellow color leaves during the fall. Title reads Fortify Your Fall: Autumn Wellness with Ayurvedic Wisdom at the top. Bottom right text reads: Kyle Jason Leitzke, Ayurvedic Counselor. Bottom left is a headshot photo of Kyle smiling in a white collared shirt.


"Fortify Your Fall" is a 2-hr masterclass where you'll learn optimal foods, activities, and routines for the fall/autumn season through the elemental principles of Ayurveda. ⚖️ Balance your digestion 🧑‍🌾 Strengthen & protect your immunity 🤓 Empower yourself with holistic frameworks In Fortify Your Fall you also receive: 📝 85 Nourishing Foods & Spices for your fall Grocery List 😋 10 Ways to optimize How you eat 📚 3 of my favorite Cookbooks and Resources for meal ideas ⏰ 24 Daily Activities to optimize your energy 🍁 24 Seasonal Routines to find your rhythm in the chaos 🫁 9 minute Breath-work to ground yourself 🧘🏻‍♂️ 5 minute Meditation to tune in with the elements 👨🏻‍🏫 Ayurveda's philosophy on elements, and daily/seasonal activities Fortify Your Fall is perfect for if you are: 😇 Inspired by natural and seasonal living 🤔 Ayurveda curious or stuck Participant takeaways: "I appreciate knowing there is a process I can mentally and emotionally go through to help myself, because I use to resist the fall so much but this helps me embrace the fall more and know how to balance myself." "I thought it was really great how in depth we went with all the foods, herbs, and oils to use in the fall for nourishing my own body.” "Realizing the skin is the biggest organ in our body I’m looking forward to implementing the personal hygiene practices which were new to me." Reach out to if you have questions or need more information.

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