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Know and Trust Yourself with Ayurveda

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In this 85 minute Ayurveda "masterclass" you will... + Understand the basics of Ayurvedic philosophy (Sankhya) from the SVAyurveda lineage Kyle Jason Leitzke is trained in. + Discover your natural structural and functional nature. + Identify diet and lifestyle habits to support your natural tendencies. + Feel confident in the decisions you make for your life and health through a greater understanding of your whole self. + Begin to understand why certain diets and lifestyles do and don't work for you. What You'll Receive... ⭐️ Expert holistic guidance from Kyle Jason Leitzke during the workshop ⭐️ Facilitation to determine your natural tendencies (doshas) ⭐️ Handouts on "how to eat", "proper food combining", and "dietary recommendations to pacify the three main tendencies (i.e. doshas: Vata = movement, Pitta = transformation, Kapha = structure) ⭐️ Recording to rewatch as much as you want/need 🌟 BONUS: opportunity to schedule a one-on-one "Ayurveda Integration Coaching Session" with me to help you integrate what you learn in the workshop. (up to 30 mins.) *Join with an open mind and heart, and a calm excitement to embrace yourself. *It will help to be prepared with something to write with and write on (i.e. journal, paper, pen, pencil, etc.). *Having a wall mirror or hand mirror accessible and close by will also be helpful. *If you have any questions or challenges please reach out to ""

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