Testimonials of Working with Kyle

I was discouraged by the prospect of life after college. 
Working with Kyle, I gained more clarity on the options I had and helped me realize that the world is my oyster, and that there were people that genuinely cared about my future success. 
Those who are stuck in a funk about life would benefit from Kyle's encouraging words and perspective.
Kyle is great! He's passionate about helping others achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals in a healthy and supportive way. If you're ever in need of guidance in any aspect of life, he's a great person to turn to.

Rabia (they/she)

"I came to Kyle anxious about ending my career and moving into a new phase of my life. I needed a life change game plan. 
I was uncertain how coaching could help me, but trusted my connection with Kyle. 
In my 1 hour consultation I felt very clear on my action steps but I realized I need further support to make this life change really happen. 
Kyle helped me develop clear action steps and recognize my fears and psychological tricks that could jeopardize my journey to create the life I want. 
Kyle is an excellent listener and a smart coach. He has already gone through several profound changes in his life and is good at creating change through thick and thin."

Timotek S. (he/him)
Business Owner / Entrepreneur

I was looking for answers to: What do I want to do with my life? What do I enjoy doing? What kind of people do I see myself working with/ for? What are my values?
Kyle helped me figure out the answers so that I could live the best life I could. 
I realized I can work any job and be happy because I'm living a good life. I became more at ease with myself and I was able to connect with groups or organizations that aligned with me.

Cherokee Roth

My biggest issue before working with Kyle was developing clarity and confidence for a “purpose” and “path.”
I benefited emotionally from Kyle's calm demeanor and feel he has a gift for being welcoming. 
Kyle is highly approachable. Trust him to listen.

Jake E.

I was facing many challenges on what direction I wanted my life to go and how I could over readjust my focus to get the things I needed. 
I first tried reaching out to friends but I felt their input really incorporated bias. I even worried Kyle may not know the correct path for me in my own particular situation.
Through working with Kyle, I was able to see how I could make my own energy work for me and focus on what I wanted to do with my own life.

Jeremy L.

Kyle is a coach who walks the walk.
I would say Kyle has the gift of reflecting on challenges and making the most of them.
Having a coach with that mindset is priceless!

Ayurveda Health Coach

Kyle is very intentional, caring, and ask probing questions that make me think so that has helped me reflect in ways I hadn't thought of before.
Kyle doesn't try to tell me the answer or impose his own opinion on my decisions.

Kyle must have sensed how much I was hurting and his willingness to just sit with me and talk through some of it is something I'll never forget.
Kyle has a nice balance of playful and serious, which is extremely comforting and not easy to find in people.

Krista L.

Kerry Midiri

Kyle helped me create a community. 
When I reflect on our relationship, it reminds me being open/vulnerable to someone you can trust can go a long way.

Devon H.

Kyle did an outstanding job in providing a safe space for me to feel comfortable with sharing. He was very attentive and supportive.
I would recommend anyone to work with him.