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Is Ayurvedic Eating Aligned with Season and Region?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I recently received this question from a follower of mine on Instagram and it inspired me to write about it so you could benefit also.

They specifically asked:

“Is Ayurvedic eating closely aligned with seasonal eating? Regionally seasonal too?

This came as a response to an Instagram Reel I shared on foods to help stay cool in the summer, from an Ayurvedic perspective. (Watch The REEL Thing)

Here’s my short answer…

Yes, Ayurveda definitely is aligned with eating seasonally and regionally for sure!

And here's my longer answer...

That is precisely how I found Ayurveda actually.

In 2017 I was interested in learning more about eating seasonally and plant based. To be more in rhythm with nature and my specific environment.

Upon some internet searching I found a cookbooks called, “The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook” - a seasonal guide to eating and living well - by Kate O’Donnell; as well as “Eat, Feel, Fresh” by Sahara Rose; and “What To Eat For How You Feel” by Divya Alter (my favorite now), to name a few.

I did not know what this funny to me word “Ayurveda” was or meant, but each book started off by explaining the holistic Ayurvedic philosophy of Ayurveda that guided their book.

I remember reading how Ayurveda is not a magic bullet, or a specific diet one must follow like Keto or Paleo or Mediterranean, etc. It is focused on the subject (individual) and what is best for them.

Deeply engrained In any Ayurvedic text is the importance of rhythm and environment, aka season and region.

More specifically, Ayurveda is a holistic health system thousands of years old from India. I see it as ancestral indigenous wisdom with living lineages still to this day.

I have been fortunate to study primarily under the SVAyurveda lineage from Vaidya Mishra through the Ayurvedic Living School. The lineage implies an experiential passing of wisdom through family. Not just reading of the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

My favorite translation of Ayurveda from my teacher Mamta Landerman is that Ayurveda is a “living wisdom” because it’s goals are to promote life and longevity through disease treatment, prevention, and health in order to increase harmony and bliss.

Ayurveda philosophy is built in the framework of everything is energy and interconnected, while also unique and

There is absolutely objective wisdom to follow, and the applications are meant to be done for a specific individual, their symptoms, at this time, in their environment (outer and inner).

Which is why I believe in theory it resonates so strongly with many. The wisdom is already inside us. But the applications can be overwhelming and complex at first. Especially when trying to interpret some of the unfamiliar Sanskrit terms and paradigms for those of us not familiar with Indian culture.

I know I definitely hit a wall of how to apply this wisdom when studying Ayurveda on my own, and I hear it over and over from people I meet and coach.

Individuals I’ve met who have heard about Ayurveda seem to fall into two categories.

  1. Either they love it but want to learn more about their unique makeup (Ayurvedic constitution) and how to apply that wisdom;

  2. or they think it is way to complex and rigid of a system.

My advice, avoid the perfectionist urge to implement all or none of the wisdom.

Even being stuck on learning your constitution, or what Ayurveda calls your Dosha, before moving forward is a form of perfectionism erroneously holding you back.

I encourage you to focus more on learning the elemental principles, understanding the energies/qualities of those elements, and how they show up as life forces in you, so that you can experiment applying things in your life and assessing what works, when, and how often.

You have everything you need inside of your body, mind, and spirit.

We sometimes need help recognizing, understanding, and integrating all of the wisdom.

The more you learn to be aware of your nature (inner and outer environment), and balance your nature with specific diet, lifestyle, and mindsets for your needs the more empowered, healthy, blissful and balanced you’ll become.

Life is a journey and experiment so there will always be new unknowns and challenges, but I know from experience and study that we can decrease the frequency, duration, and intensity of suffering while increasing the frequency, duration, and intensity of joy, peace, and love in this thing we call life.


Here is a list of my favorite books and resources, if you’d like to start learning more about Ayurveda on your own. See My Favorite Resources

Whether you are brand new to the idea, or know your constitution and are seeking to address specific symptoms, there are resources for you.

Contact me at for questions about Ayurveda, how you can get started on learning it’s wisdom, and applying it in your life.

If you’re interested in coaching I’d be honored to assess if I would be a good fit for you, or also happily refer you to one of my colleagues if your specific need is not in my specialty.

Namaste, 🙏🏻

Kyle is an Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coach who supports passionate service-oriented individuals in relating to their authentic nature so they can feel fulfilled living their wisdom on purpose. Most commonly Kyle helps people overcome uncertainty, dread, or overwhelm in their lives and get to a clear focus, an actionable plan, as well as develop the confidence to live out their dreams.

📍Shared from ancestral land of the Pit River Tribe and Shasta, Modoc, Okwanuchu, Northern Wintu nations.


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