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3 Steps to Being a Conscious Manifestor of Your Life

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I'll get right to the point

Intention + Attention + Action = Conscious Manifestation

Attention energizes

Intention transforms

Action embodies

Attention is the - air - Movement of your life

Intention is the - fire - Transformation of your life

Action is the - water - Structure of your life

The Ayurveda doshas at play for each are…

Attention is like Air = Vata = Prana

💨 If you are having trouble keeping attention. Focus on reducing the airy qualities with grounding qualities for your mind, lifestyle, and diet

Intention is like fire = Pitta = Tejas

🔥 If you are having trouble with identifying your intention focus on increasing the firey qualities in your mind, lifestyle, and diet with discipline and knowledge.

Action is like water = Kapha = Ojas

💧 If you are struggling with action focus on adding more fluidity to your mind, lifestyle, and diet with compassion and integrity.



Leadership Coach + Ayurvedic Counselor

☸️ Helping you be a conscious manifestor of your own life by Leading with Your Wisdom, On Purpose

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