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Mon, Mar 13



How To Tune Into What You Really Need With CARE

Emotional regulation is trendy & there are many great tools to help you regulate, but it can be difficult to actually care for your root need, therefore I’m teaching a simple & powerful process called “Emotional CARE” so you can literally show up for yourself & tend to your needs in any scenario.

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How To Tune Into What You Really Need With CARE
How To Tune Into What You Really Need With CARE

Time & Location

Mar 13, 2023, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM GMT-7



About the event

Learn "Emotional CARE" with Kyle Jason Leitzke in this 90 minute workshop on Monday, March 13th at 5:30 PM PT. 

The acronym CARE is an easy-to-remember process to empower you back to balance & connection through any emotionally difficult situation.

For example:

Are you struggling with...

  • Stressful encounters at work or in your relationships?
  • Feeling depleted, stuck, and overwhelmed regularly?
  • Racing thoughts around a major life decision that has you unsure how to proceed? 

Do you want to...

  • Recover from stress faster to feel more energized and empowered?
  • Feel empowered to be a strong and safe leader in your life? 
  • Have a tangible process to resource you back to your optimal self and confident decisions? 

Emotional CARE helps you...

  • Tune into what you really need underneath all the noise to move forward confidently. 
  • Show up for yourself and attend to your needs in any given scenario. 
  • Deepen your connection with yourself and with others to give and receive more love. 

The main thing to remember about this practice is that our emotions communicate whether our needs are being met, or not met.

Met needs feel "good" and "comfortable. 

Not met needs feel "bad" and "uncomfortable."

When we act from a place of unmet needs we can amplify feelings of anxiety, fear and overwhelm.

When we act from a place of met needs we can amplify feelings of safety, love, peace, and joy.

The 4-part CARE process is...

  1. Conscious pause
  2. Allow your feelings 
  3. Relate to your needs
  4. Express care

This CARE process helps you to become the primary resource for your own needs.

About your guide...

Kyle (he/they) is a Coach, Facilitator, & Certified Ayurvedic Counselor with 14 years of experience coaching, teaching, advising, counseling, and facilitating support groups. 

He has a Master's Degree in Coaching and has guided over 500 individuals to become the versions of themselves they've literally been dreaming of. 

This workshop is inspired by Kyle's passion for helping people feel safe and empowered in their own bodies and minds.

In this workshop, Kyle will teach a holistic, transformational, and trauma-informed "Emotional CARE" approach to equip you with a process that helps you to feel cared for through your emotional challenges.  

Kyle's "Emotional CARE" process is largely influenced and informed by the work of Ryan Weiss, Anjali Deva, and Tara Brach. It is a process that is a culmination of many experiences, toolas, as well as many great coaches, teachers, and healers from a mix of modern and ancestral approaches. 

What to expect...

Because if you’re like me, being able to visualize what you are signing up for helps you feel confident and secure.

  1. This is NOT just a theoretical class of me talking at you the entire time
  2. This is a workshop... “work”shop, so I will be facilitating opportunities for you to be active and engaged with your learning process 
  3. I’ll also be offering an opportunity for live coaching through the CARE process to a volunteer attending live 

And here’s the Workshop Agenda I have planned:

  • Connection builders
  • Yogic breathing 
  • Holistic body scan
  • About Kyle and CARE
  • Quick teaching on emotions, trauma, and regulation
  • Somatic breath work 
  • Live Emotional CARE guidance
  • Meditation 
  • Ayurveda + Yoga + Dharma roles in the CARE
  • Exclusive offers 
  • Q&A 

Register to receive...

  • Expert facilitation on the holistic, transformational, and trauma-informed Emotional CARE process to learn a practice you can actually coach yourself through, because I have a bias for empowerment over here 
  • Recording of the workshop to rewatch for practice, because lord knows we all need it more than we want it
  • Digital Emotional CARE handout to save on your desktop or print out and tape to your mirror for easy access to the process because triggers like to show up unannounced 
  • Exclusive offer for further coaching to rewire your energy for your next stage of life faster and with more ease because it's F'n time and you deserve it 

*Sliding scale pricing available at purchase

*Email is at if you need full financial support

This workshop is Ideal for you if you are... 

  • Intentional about connecting with your body more
  • Hungry to strengthen your mind+body+spirit wisdom 
  • Already have at least some experience with meditation, breathwork, and yoga
  • Believe you have what you need inside of you
  • Wanting to recover from stressful situations faster
  • Wanting to use your energy more intentionally 
  • Wanting to rewire your patterns to empower you more 
  • Wanting to feel more grounded and centered and balanced at the same time as feeling inspired and motivated and hyped 
  • Wanting a simple and powerful process to integrate all of the wisdom and tools you already have
  • Are Ayurveda curious 

This workshop is not ideal for you if you are...

  • Looking to "fix" yourself or your emotions 
  • Looking to control your mind and/or emotions  
  • Have no interest in the spiritual aspect of life 

All identities are welcome and honored in this courageous, compassionate, accountable space. 

What others say about CARE and Kyle's guidance...

"This is powerful and people need this in their lives."

"I think I need to do this a million times but I could trace my feelings and let them come and go."

“In a period of experiencing major stress in my life, Kyle taught me how empowering it can feel to truly CARE for myself in ways that I need it. While originally a practice we would do together after a stressful incident, now I practice this on my own in daily situations. Showing up for myself and attending to my needs in any given scenario has had a huge impact on my life. Thanks to Kyle's support, the simple-yet profound ways of healing with CARE has changed my life!”

Katie Stormes - PhD Candidate and Teacher

"I have been working with Kyle Leitzke for 6+ months. Kyle has encouraged me to stay focused in ways that I wasn’t; ultimately avoiding myself. The CARE process he guided me with recently helped in a sticky/unclear situation of my primary relationship, to clarify between feeling and story and to discern important needs, validations and actions. Thus, resulting in improved connection to self and intentions with my partner." 


"Kyle's CARE method is in many ways just what the acronym says it is. Kyle teaches it with the outmost caring love and respect, which leaves his clients with a specific tool that calms the mind, examines the truth and teaches self care more than anything."

Silje Munkvold - Sustainability Strategist

“Kyle has a beautiful ability to hold space and lead a client through a hard time. I personally had moments during the CARE process I was uncomfortable and resistant to working through the topic, and Kyle gracefully encouraged me to continue on.” 

Shawn Flowers Specht - Coach and Teacher

“The CARE method allows communication to flow with grace and ease, and for relationships to continue to blossom over time. Expressing care is heart medicine!”

Sonja Marie - Holistic Lifestyle Trainer

“The Emotional C.A.R.E process does a nice job of aggregating various modalities into a simplified process to get underneath and make sense of trigger points.  Kyle provides a structured container to move his clients through their process.”

Rupa Raj - Ayurvedic Performance and Relationship Coach 

"I feel calm, present, and hyped!"


  • Fair Share Tier

    Please select this price tier if you have relative systemic privilege and/or sufficient financial resources to pay fair value for this workshop without hardship.

    Sale ended
  • Expanding Access Tier

    Please select this price tier if you have more-than-enough financial resources/privilege and are able to help expand access and address systemic inequality.

    Sale ended
  • Supported Tier

    You are invited to select this price tier if you are a student; if you are Black, Indigenous, or a person of color; and/or if you have limited financial resources and would benefit from access supported by the community. If this price remains a hardship, please reach out to us at to request a full scholarship.

    Sale ended



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