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Discernment Is A Purpose In Life

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

I’ll get straight to the point…

Sometimes life is about action…


Sometimes life is about stillness…

”Discerning the wisdom to know the difference is a purpose of this thing we call life.”

This wisdom is what came to me during a meditative walk in this labyrinth. (pictured above) (for those curious this is at the Gateway Peace Garden in Mt. Shasta, CA)

A key to deciphering the difference between an ego judgement and spiritual discernment is the energy in your contemplation around the action in question.

For instance, an ego judgement will be intense and argue and justify why one way is right, (kinda like a lawyer) and the other is wrong. Sometimes we need this, it’s not ”bad”, but that is one way I’ve really learned to identify it.

Some believe the ego does this as a way to protect itself (us) out of fear.

On the other hand, a spiritual discernment will feel like a calm peaceful truth (kinda like a sage or guru).

Again this is the energy I’ve found helpful to distinguish between the two.

I recognize we have both and believe we need both.


This also reminds me of the three modes of material nature in the vedas (The gunas Tamas, Rajas, Sattva if you want to look them up.)

There is a state of movement, action, transformation.

There is a state of stillness, inertia, matter.

There is a state in between those two of peace.

A stillness in motion paradox. Like our universe.

Only you can discern what is the right action for you in any given time.

And it is a lot of trial and error to gaining that wisdom.

So my advice is to do your best to enjoy your journey of failing and succeeding, because you are bound to have both.

Ways to achieve this are with kindness and forgiveness to yourself. Especially around your failures.

Levity in the struggles and frustrations also are a great way to enjoy the journey.

As always, borrow what works for you, and leave what doesn’t for someone else. 🙏🏻

Love Y’all 🤟🏻🙂

Kyle Jason Leitzke is a Leadership Coach and Ayurvedic Counselor who supports individuals in leading their life in a way that honors their deeper soul calling.

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