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Optimize Your True Nature: Ayurveda Fundamentals Intro Series

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Ready to implement nature’s secret code, Ayurveda, to your personal health & happiness? This series is great for you if Ayurveda keeps popping up in your life from friends, readings, and other subtle - or not so subtle - signs. In this 3-Class Series you will: 1) Be empowered with the Ayurvedic way of living in right relationship with your elements. 2) Have natural Ayurvedic approaches to navigate life's ups and downs. 3) Feel an elevated connection to who you truly are, what you intuitively want, and how to embody it. Class 1 - Sunday, February 4th: Ayurvedic philosophy & personal constitution Learn Ayurvedic philosophy on holistic wellness, your Ayurvedic constitution (personal nature), and pranayama (breath) for life's three main tendencies (Doshas). Class 2 - Sunday, February 11th: Learn Ayurvedic approach to food as medicine: how to eat, the 6 tastes, and what to eat for optimal digestion. Class 3 - Sunday, February 18th: Learn Ayurvedic approach to lifestyle with purpose: The day's elemental rhythm, and daily routines to optimize your energy. Each class will be 90-120 minutes with roughly 60% teaching, 30% group participation, 10% personal work. * Journal prompts * Guided meditations * Worksheets & Handouts * Links to continued education articles, books, recipes, and supplements This series is NOT for medical diagnosis or personal consultations. This series is for providing education on Ayurveda philosophy and group coaching on ways to implement its practices into your life as it is now.

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