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Navigating Complex Conversations

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"Navigating Complex Conversations" is an 87 minute masterclass teaching you the simple frameworks of CARE and CALM to navigate the challenging conversations that come up as part of your personal transformation with more self-confidence, emotional peace, and grounded purpose. 🌟 Get clear on your core desire, and initiate a compassionate conversation 🌟 Break the pattern of traumatic communication in relationships with family, friends, coworkers 🌟 Quickly re-center yourself when conversations go off track In "Navigating Complex Conversations" you'll receive: + Workshop recording and presentation slide + Digital guides for Emotional CARE & CALM Communication w/ script examples + Guided meditation for Emotional CARE Testimonials: "As a builder, I struggled with self confidence in my abilities to sell to a potential client. Kyle's CALM & CARE frameworks have helped me to visualize truth for my path. They have equipped me with the tools to call on mental tranquility and recognize opportunity, where I once only saw anxiety and scarcity." Justin Hardy, General Building Contractor "Working with Kyle and the CALM communication structure has allowed me to create more peace and efficiency in complex relationships. Practicing this style has allowed me to step into my leadership role in my community and more fully into my true calling.” Sonja Marie, Holistic Health Coach

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