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Navigate the challenging intersections of
passion, pleasure, and prosperity with confidence and ease.

When you are wondering if you are on your right path - or how to most optimally get to your destination - having a trusted guide on your side helps you get to what, and where, your soul wants with ease. 

From this soul-level clarity you can intentionally manifest what you are called to be and do in this life with a greater sense of abundance by living in integrity with honoring your deepest soul calling.  


It's like living your "little d" and "Big D" Dharma

Coaching to help honor your calling so that you love who you are, enjoy the path you are on, and appreciate how you are showing up in life.


Speaking & Training

Learn techniques and strategies to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being for optimal energy and performance - so you can feel like the strongest Avenger that everyone wants on their team.

Modern West aligns with Ancestral East


As an experienced coach, teacher, advisor, and Vedic counselor, I partner with you to gracefully transform your career, relationship, or lifestyle - without blowing your life up or burning bridges - so that when your head hits your pillow at night you go to sleep easily with a sense of pride and peace because you are honoring yourself at a soul level. 

My coaching approach mixes modern coaching that is transformational and trauma-informed with holistic ancestral wisdoms from Vedic philosophy, Ayurveda, and Yoga.


How it is implemented is personalized for you and where you are at right now. 

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The centering exercises with Kyle were different for me at first but felt great afterwards. They got me in the right mindset to rock and roll!
Kyle's methodologies helped me look at things differently and ultimately come to a conclusion that I wouldn’t have on my own. 
I recommend you bring your whole self. Kyle is a good dude and will be respectful and honest as you verbalize discomforts and contextualize your emotions.

Shane (he/him) Co-Founder + Head of Product + Angel Investor + Husband + Father

Reach out with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

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