Relate to Your Authentic Self

to create your natural path to personal fulfillment


When you are suffering from feeling anxiously lost or stuck in life,

I help you discover your authentically fulfilling path forward.


Are you...

Desiring a deeper relationship with your Self?

Wanting to live in rhythm with your environment? 

Seeking validation that you are on the right path? 

Knowing there is a better way to live & serve? 

Ready to live your authentic truth?

On your right path, but overwhelmed and burnt-out?

Live Your Wisdom

As an experienced coach, teacher, advisor, and

certified holistic Ayurvedic life and health consultant,

I become your safe, encouraging, and accountable mentor

to help you relate to your authentic life force & let your energy work for you 

in a clear, disciplined, and joyfully fulfilling way!

I utilize my Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach, and gift in individualization, as a conscious mentor leader to facilitate the power of your own wisdom into a personalized experience that helps you realize your unique ingredients to fulfillment.


I help you...

nurture your relationship with Self

flow in rhythm with your outer and inner environment

gain clarity on your vision 

confidently progress in the direction you desire

be more at ease with yourself 

make your own energy work for you

cultivate your courage


identify your creative solutions

develop clear action steps to achieve your goals

joyfully pursue your goals with passion 

work through some of your own barriers and tricks

verbalize your discomforts and contextualize your emotions

think in ways you hadn't before to find your answers within


Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coaching

Schedule your free Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coaching Session to learn more about the Ayurvedic Life Purpose approach and whether it may be the solution for you in your life right now. 

Risk free as this session is not to sell you on the program, but to learn your specific struggles, your desired solutions, and whether Kyle and his Ayurvedic Life Purpose approach can be a solution for you. 

You'll have the opportunity to choose your own adventure with free resources, personalized referrals, or working with Kyle one-on-one. 


We'd be
good partners
if you...

want to connect more with your intuition and higher Self. 

have a passion for using your gifts to serve others. 

are determined to have more meaning,

confidence, joy, and peace in your life. 

are passionate about making sustainable change through

holistic mindset, lifestyle, and diet transformation. 

are open-minded and -hearted,

willing to try and learn new things. 

want to develop better emotional intelligence, 

compassionate communication, and self-care.

works well with, a nurturing male who facilitates

the courageous, compassionate, and accountable

container for your life transformation.

Work With Kyle
Kyle Headshot 2022 logo with background.png

Hi, my name is
Kyle Jason Leitzke (he/they)

"Kyle has a nice balance of playful and serious, which is extremely comforting and not easy to find in people."
~Kerri M.

I have a passion for supporting individuals in living their most fulfilling lives possible through a purposeful relationship to Self. 

My speciality Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach utilizes holistic modern life coaching techniques that are transformational and trauma-informed, in partnership with Vedic philosophy, Yoga psychology, and Ayurveda wellness techniques to nurture passionate service-oriented individuals in embodying their life purpose holistically in their lives, careers, and relationships. 

I've been coaching since 2009 and have supported over 500 individuals with their purpose since 2015.

On top of my years of experience I have a Master's Degree in Coaching, and I am certified in Ayurveda Foundations & Nutrition as a holistic "Ayurvedic Health Consultant."


Ayurvedic Life Purpose

Clever West meets Wise East to "Live Your Wisdom, On Purpose"

Kyle’s Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach integrates modern coaching that is transformational and trauma-informed with holistic Vedic wisdoms from Ayurveda and Yoga.  

This Ayurvedic Life Purpose approach is personalized for you and your circumstances when working with Kyle.

Click the link below to read more about the Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach and its elementally informed phases to create the life that is true to you by, "Living Your Wisdom, On Purpose".


"I came to Kyle anxious about ending my career and moving into a new phase of my life. I needed a life change game plan. 

I was uncertain how coaching could help me, but trusted my connection with Kyle. 

Kyle helped me develop clear action steps and recognize my fears and psychological tricks that could jeopardize my journey to create this life change."

Timotek S-R. 
Business Owner / Entrepreneur

Timotek Headshot.jpg

“Working with Kyle helped me realize that the world is my oyster, and that there were people that genuinely cared about my future success.”

Rabia (they/she)


Kyle helped me figure out the answers so that I could live the best life I could. 
I realized I can work any job and be happy because I'm living a good life. I became more at ease with myself and I was able to connect with groups or organizations that aligned with me.

Cherokee Roth


Whether it's been coaching athletes, students, or professionals it has been a passion of mine to nurture others to be the best versions of themselves and enjoy their life.

Using a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach has been the most successful, empowering, and sustaining way to achieving ones dharma, purpose, and fulfillment. 


Ayurveda is a holistic ancestral wisdom from India that serves as a foundation to personalize and sustain success for those I coach. 

Within this framework I personalize the modalities we use based on your goals, desires, and comforts.