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Kyle Jason Leitzke Purpose Coach

Optimize your natural energy to

design your authentic template for

professional and personal fulfillment.


When you are suffering from feeling anxiously lost or stuck in life,
I help you discover and design your unique path forward. 


Are You...

"Successful" but not fully satisfied or inspired inside?​


"Healthy"​ but don't have the energy you want / need?

"Aspiring" but not achieving your goals? 

"Involved" but not as intimately connected as you desire?


I Help You...

Make your great life Greater


Validate or steer the path you are on


Improve your relationships

Be more organized and disciplined

Optimize your mental + emotional + physical energy by knowing how to make it work for you


Develop more resilience to maintain emotional ease in whatever life throws at you


Work through some of your own mental barriers and tricks


Think in ways you hadn't before to find your wisdom within


Transition your career, relationship, or lifestyle without blowing your life up or burning bridges


We'd be good partners if you...

Want to lead your life with more purpose, emotional intelligence, compassionate communication, and self-love.

Seek to connect more with your

intuition and wisdom. 

Are passionate about giving back through your gifts. 

Desire more integrity, intimacy, 

prosperity, joy, and freedom in your life. 

Feel drawn to integrate the Vedic wisdoms of Dharma, Ayurveda, and Yoga to improve your life. 

Desire transformation that actually regenerates your energy with holistic and natural approaches.

Works well with, a nurturing brother-like mentor who truly sees the sovereign you and facilitates a courageous, compassionate, and accountable container for your life transformation.

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Hi, my name is
Kyle Jason Leitzke (he/they)

I passionately believe you can rewire your mental, emotional, and physical energy to enjoy your life beyond just existing in your societal templates.


Because I'm living it and I've helped

hundreds of individuals live it.  

Through my 14 year professional coaching journey, combined with my own life transformations, I have designed a holistic, transformational, and trauma-informed Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach that helps you develop the skills, habits, & relationships to actually like yourself & your life. 


This is my life's work, and purpose...

I strive to make the heavy stuff light by stepping into it with courage, love, joy, & trust.

I have been blessed to have many people support me in my journey. I am honored to be one who supports you in your journey. 

Life is serious, and it's silly. 

Let's live on purpose, and enjoy it. 

Namaste, 🙏🏻🙂

"Kyle has a nice balance of playful and serious, which is extremely comforting and not easy to find in people."

Kerri (she/her) Director + Coach + Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coaching Approach

Clever West meets Wise East to "Live Your Wisdom, On Purpose"

The Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach integrates modern coaching that is transformational and trauma-informed with holistic Vedic wisdoms from Ayurveda and Yoga.  

This Ayurvedic Life Purpose approach is personalized for you and your circumstances when working 1:1 with Kyle.

Click the link below to read more about the Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach and its elementally informed phases to create the life that is true to you by,

"Living Your Wisdom, On Purpose.”


Learn more about my Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach and whether it may be the solution for you in your life right now. 

Risk free as this session is not to sell you on a program, but to learn your specific struggles, your desired solutions, and whether I and my Ayurvedic Life Purpose approach can be a solution for you. 

You'll have the opportunity to choose your own adventure with self-help resources, working with me one-on-one, or in a group setting. 

Katie (she/her) ~ Educator

Move forward and work with Kyle you will never look back.

His time, commitment, space, and support have changed my life for the better, and I am so grateful to him and to myself for taking this journey and ultimately feeling like a new and improved version of myself- it's so refreshing! It's so powerful to learn that I had these skills and techniques at my fingertips already, but Kyle helped me find and attune them.

In summary, what I've gained is beyond the value of the cost I invested.