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Wed, Nov 15



Navigating Complex Conversations: with CALM Communication and Emotional CARE

A 90-minute workshop and live coaching with Kyle Jason Leitzke.

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Navigating Complex Conversations: with CALM Communication and Emotional CARE
Navigating Complex Conversations: with CALM Communication and Emotional CARE

Time & Location

Nov 15, 2023, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PST



About the event

You already know communication and emotional regulation are extremely important life skills - especially in close personal and professional relationships. Yet if you have a tendency to "keep the peace", communicating your truth in complex conversations can be challenging due to a fear that bringing "it" up might blow up in your face. 

The good news is I'm going to teach you the two simple frameworks of Emotional CARE and CALM Communication to leverage the skills you already have and navigate complex conversations with more self-confidence, mental/emotional tranquility, and purposeful intention. 

"Navigating Complex Conversations" is for you if:


😇 are an empath in tune with emotions of yourself and others

🤓 know non-violent communication (NVC) principles

🧘🏻‍♂️ have peace practices like being in nature, yoga, meditation, 

🥃 are a glass half-full type person

🥰 enjoy getting along with others


😕 it’s hard to bring up difficult topics 

🙁 you’re scared that bringing "it" up will create more stress 

😟 you’re scared "it" might upset somebody 

😔 your heart rate spikes when someone asks, "hey, can we talk?" 

😫 you don’t know how to respond in the moment 

🥺 prioritizing other people’s feelings and needs over yourself is a hard habit to break  

🤯 using Non-Violent Communication (NVC) principles are blowing up in your face 

Okay, deep breathe… Relax… I got you… 🙂

In “Navigating Complex Relationships” I’ll teach you how to use the CALM Communication and Emotional CARE frameworks to…

🌟 Know what conversations are worth your time and energy

🌟 Communicate with yourself and others in a compassionate way

🌟 Get clear on your core need, and initiate a conscious conversation

🌟 Level the power dynamics by empowering yourself in the conversation

🌟 Break the pattern of traumatic communication in relationships with family, friends, coworkers

🌟 Quickly re-center yourself when conversations go off track

🌟 Know how to quickly go from chaos to calm 

Also, take with you...

Digital guides for CALM Communication and Emotional CARE  to post up and journal with as needed

Guided meditation for Emotional CARE

CALM Communication script examples to use

Workshop recording and presenatation slides

What to expect in classs:

Because if you’re like me, being able to visualize what you are signing up for helps you feel confident and secure.

First, this is a “work”shop, which means you get to be active and engaged with your process. It is NOT just a theoretical class of me talking at you the entire time.

Second, there will be live coaching (from me) for a volunteer attending live to navigate a complex relationship with the CARE & CALM processes. 

And here’s the Workshop Agenda I have planned:

The Why?

Meeting Kyle

CALM Overview (Check + Acknowledge + Let + Make)

CARE Overview (Connect + Allow + Realize + Embody)

Group CARE Practice

Group CALM Practice

Group Sharing

Coaching offers


This class is NOT for you if: 

1) You easily dive head first into conflict and complex conversations. 

2) You have no problem asking for what you need.

3) You don’t stress and ruminate in your head for hours, shoot - even days, about a potentially challenging conversation.

Step more fully into your true calling with CALM & CARE: 

"As a builder, I struggled with self confidence in my abilities to sell to a potential client. Kyle's CALM & CARE frameworks have helped me to visualize truth for my path. They have equipped me with the tools to call on mental tranquility and recognize opportunity, where I once only saw anxiety and scarcity."

Justin Hardy, General Building Contractor

"Working with Kyle and the CALM communication structure has allowed me to create more peace and efficiency in complex relationships. I especially love the reminder of checking in for consent, the C, as a way of preparing for diplomatic conversations with grace. Practicing this style has allowed me to step into my leadership role in my community and more fully into my true calling.” 

Sonja Marie, Holistic Health Coach

"Kyle's CARE method is in many ways just what the acronym says it is. Kyle teaches it with the outmost caring love and respect, which leaves his clients with a specific tool that calms the mind, examines the truth and teaches self care more than anything."

Silje Munkvold, Sustainability Strategist

"The CARE and CALM processes Kyle guided me with recently helped in a sticky/unclear situation of my primary relationship, resulting in improved connection to myself and intentions with my partner."

JS, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

As your Instructor: 

I have experienced my own journey of realizing my tendencies to avoid conflict in order to put other people's needs and wants first. I'm also a person who benefits from having time and space to check in with myself and figure out what I need before working through a conflict. 

In 2015 I first learned about Non-Violent Communication when I started therapy, and felt like THIS was the thing that would save me! 

But, unfortunately as I practiced implementing the observations, feelings, needs, requests format it often blew up in my face more often than not. 

Now, with countless experiences failing and succeeding in communication, numerous communications trainings, and a determination to be a confident compassionate communicator, I've realized that successful communications starts with me (Emotional CARE), & is more about building connections (and boundaries) than anything (CALM Communication). 

Now, I am honored to have become a go to for friends, family, and clients on communication. 

But, more importantly, I'm proud of honoring my calling to speak my truth compassionately with others. 

Having Emotional CARE and CALM Communication have been my go to frameworks to empower me. 

There's also that my astrologers say my gift in communication has to do with my Mercury being in my second house ruled by Gemini, which supposedly makes me, "a ruler of communication with the ability to think quickly and express through your own dramatic style, which will impress others." I'll take it. 🤓 

Date and Time:

Wednesday, November 15th

10am PST | 11am MST | 12pm CST | 1pm EST

Live on Zoom

(Recording will be sent to all who register)

$44 Investment 

Secure your spot now and invest in Navigating Your Complex Relationships with CALM Communication & Emotional CARE by purchasing your ticket below.

See you there! 

Kyle :-)

Reach out to me at if you have questions or need more information.


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