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Ryan Leitzke Mentorship Fund

(Pictured: Kyle in red on left, Ryan with guitar on right)

Ryan Leitzke is my older brother who was killed at the age of 9 in a hit and run accident on Memorial Sunday, May 30th, 1993. 


I’ve created the Ryan Leitzke Mentorship Fund to honor his giving spirit and help pay for the life transformative coaching people I support seek. On Ryan’s last birthday he donated all of his birthday money to a local soup kitchen to help feed the hungry.


That’s who Ryan was at the spry age of 9 and what I witnessed as his 6 year old little brother.


His giving spirit still inspires my service to this day. 


As my older brother Ryan was naturally a mentor in my life. Losing him unexpectedly one week before my 7th birthday and just hours after we were playing trucks in the driveway after church was shattering to say the least.  

I struggled for many years as an adolescent, teenager, and young adult seeking to fill the brotherly mentorship void in my life from his physical absence. I still seek out mentorship from others regularly and thankfully I realized as a young adult I wasn’t alone in that desire and that I can be a mentor to others who seek that out also.  

I’ve been blessed to be able to live mentorship out professionally as an after school mentor, a football coach, a PE teacher, an academic advisor, and now a life coach. 

As a human I want to help whoever possible regardless of money. As an entrepreneur with my own business I recognize I need to receive money to continue offering the services I do. I don’t want others who aren’t as financially fortunate to miss out on their own transformative work. 
Which is why as I am growing my coaching business I am asking for your financial support in this way. When I no longer need contributions from you I will fund the Ryan Leitzke Mentorship Fund from my own revenue. 
Your donations help make these transformational coaching services available at affordable rates for those individuals currently less fortunate financially, while also helping my business take root. 

As a donor, my promise to you is that 100% of your donation will go to helping fund someone’s one on one coaching or attendance at workshops/classes/programs I offer.

If you desire I plan to keep you updated on how your contribution impacts others, while maintains confidentiality of all parties of course. 


Be the Vacation Version of Yourself

"I feel like a different person, but I also feel like that person is myself."

Move forward and work with Kyle you will never look back. His time, commitment, space, and support have changed my life for the better, and I am so grateful to him and to myself for taking this journey and ultimately feeling like a new and improved version of myself- it's so refreshing! It's so powerful to learn that I had these skills and techniques at my fingertips already, but Kyle helped me find and attune them. In summary, what I've gained is beyond the value of the cost I invested.


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