The Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coaching Approach

Updated: Nov 6

One of my favorite taglines for my coaching business is, "Live Your Wisdom, On Purpose",

and one way I've personally done that is to come up with my Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach.

My Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach is a combination of ancestral Vedic wisdoms from Ayurveda and Yoga with modern coaching that is transformational and trauma-informed.

Yoga practices of meditation, pranayama (breath practices), mantras, etc. help cultivate life force and connect with source so that you can know your wisdom.

Ayurveda practices of dietary choices, lifestyle activities, daily routines, etc. help nourish your healthy body so that you can live on purpose in balance with natural rhythms.

Vedic philosophy of consciousness, the aims of life, and manifestation help you not only understand your purpose but also bring it to life.

Modern coaching tools of appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, conscious communication, vision planning, goal setting, decision making, and habit evolution help bring to life the combination of ancestral wisdoms with your own wisdom in a way that works for you at this moment in time.

This Ayurvedic Life Purpose approach is fluid and is personalized for you when working with Kyle.

The five phases follow the wisdom of creation from the five elements:

  1. Space as Awareness

  2. Air as Possibility

  3. Fire as Action

  4. Water as Flow

  5. Earth as Integration

The steps and actions within each phase are a mix of techniques from holistic ancestral Vedic wisdom and modern transformational and trauma-informed coaching.

How will you Live Your Wisdom, On Purpose with Kyle’s guidance through the Ayurvedic Life Purpose approach?

Read more here, to learn more about the Ayurvedic Life Purpose coaching approach and its elementally informed phases to create the life you want by, "Living Your Wisdom, On Purpose".



Kyle Jason Leitzke is an Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coach who helps you relate to your authentic self so you can understand your purpose for being here. From this self wisdom he helps empower you to "Live Your Wisdom, On Purpose."

Kyle is an experienced coach that has helped over 500 individuals with their purpose and direction in life. He is also a trained Holistic Ayurvedic Health Consultant.

Most commonly Kyle helps people overcome suffering from feeling anxiously lost and depressively stuck to become confidently clear and joyfully motivated in their life.

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