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Career Advising

for conscious professionals

Make Fulfilling Career Decisions in Uncertain Times


What's out of alignment?

  • Successful but not satisfied and not sure why?

  • “Dream job” is no longer lighting you up inside and need to rediscover your best path forward 

  • Losing sleep thinking about going in to your soul-sucking job another day

  • Change in management or company direction no longer aligns with you and you are dreading going to work

  • Spending countless hours applying for jobs has you feeling demoralized, confused, and concerned

  • Laid off and wanting to use this opportunity to clarify you best career path forward

Possible package session flow: 

  1. Clarify your core career values to be your North Star 

  2. Identify your motivated skills to prevent burnout and optimize energy

  3. Personal assessments to maximize your natural gifts

  4. Author your Purposeful Work Statement to have a Why that wows!

  5. Possible Lives mapping to clarify your path forward with action items

  • Optional options: Ayurvedic personal nature assessment, Mindfulness and meditation techniques, Job search & applications, Resume & Cover letter, Networking guidance, Interview prep, Offer negotiation, LinkedIn Update & SEO, Communication & leadership coaching, General Advising on specific circumstance

*Can be optimized & adjusted for your needs during complimentary coaching fit & strategy call*

Conscious Career Advising

Sleep Well as You Are Consciously Creating Your Career

  • Experience goosebumps because you feel seen, heard, understood, appreciated, and valued by your company, boss, and collegues

  • Sleep well at night with the validation that you are on your right path and you have a vision for how to optimize your potential

  • Scream in enthusiasm because you landed your next dream job at your dream company

  • Sigh a breath of relief when you receive the promotion and pay raise you sincerely advocated for

  • Walk around with your head high because you can confidently answer what you are going to do when you "grow up"

Timotek Headshot.jpg

"I came to Kyle anxious about my career and moving into a new phase of my life. I needed a life change game plan. 
In our work, Kyle helped me develop clear action steps and recognize my fears and psychological tricks that could jeopardize my journey to create the life I want. 
He is an excellent listener and a smart coach. He has already gone through several profound career changes in his life and is good at creating change through thick and thin."

Timotek (he/him) Retail Business Owner + Father + Partner

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Career Advising is available as single session or as a package.

$175 per 60 minute session

$600 per 4 session package ($150 per)


$1500 per 12 session package ($125 per) 


Highlights of my Career Advising experience

  • 6 years of experience as university Academic & Career Advisor helping 1,000+ individuals on their career path

  • Outstanding Staff Award for innovation and mentorship as an Advisor at Cal Poly Humboldt (pictured)

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment training 

  • Career Values training in Knowdell assessments 

  • Motivated Skills training in Knowdell assessments 

  • Resume and Cover Letter training 

  • Interview and Salary Negation training 

  • Masters of Science in Coaching at Ohio University - 2013

  • Successfully shifted my personal career from college football coach, to high school PE teacher, to university advisor and lecturer, to entrepreneur. 

You CAN have a fulfilling career that supports the professional, personal, and relational parts of You.

Reach out with any questions or to schedule your complimentary coaching consultation. 

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